Haier Biomedical Portable Cryogenic Transfer Tank (Bio-2T)

It is suitable for small batch and  short distance sample transport in  laboratory units or hospitals.



Product Features


  • The total empty weight is only 3KG.

Temperature Display

  • Real-time visual monitoring of temperature,  dust-proof and waterproof display.

Compatible with Multiple Specifications

  • The design life is as long as 30 years, and the inside  was developed with specialized materials and  structures to ensure the temperature in the tank to  be more stable.

High Performance Heat Insulation

  • Thickend insulation material to ensure the working  temperature in the tank is stable between -135°C~196°C, excellent  thermal insulation performance.


Model Volume of LN (L) 2ml Vials (Internal Thread) Temperature Range(℃) Inside Neck Diameter (mm) Outside Diameter (mm)
Bio-2T 2 54 -135~-196 125 156