Biomedical Equipment Rental

Ridged Biomed has more than 20 years’ staff experience as an authorized distributor for the biomedical and laboratory industry in Malaysia, with Certified Technicians, we able to offer comprehensive maintenance and consultation on how to minimize your cost of operation in the long term business period

“Flexibility, professionalism, and honest advice are the biggest reasons why customers choose us.”

Flexi Rate

Pay your rental rate based on the duration of usage.

Flexi Package

The best equipment renting package and tailored just for you.

Flexi Time

Flexible rental hire period from weekly, monthly to the yearly rental period.

Equipment Rental Availability

  • Pharmaceutical Refrigerator 68 Liters (2-8 Degree Celsius)
  • Pharmaceutical Refrigerator 116 Liters (2-8 Degree Celsius)
  • Pharmaceutical Refrigerator 290 Liters (2-8 Degree Celsius)
  • Vaccine Refrigerator (Chest type)
  • Vaccine Storage box
  • Datalogger and Temperature monitoring system
  • Embedding Centre for Histology
  • Cold plate for Histology
  • Dermatome and Mesher (STSG)
  • MEEK Micrograft (STSG)
  • Electrical Safety Test Machine (EST)
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