Haier Biomedical Classic Series Biosafety Cabinet (HR40-IIA2, HR30-IIA2, HR40-IIB2)

The Haier Biomedical Biological Safety Cabinet is designed to protect the operator, laboratory environment and samples from being exposed to the infective aerosol produced from samples with bacteria strains, diagnostic materials, and other infective substances. It provides the operator with comfortable and safer working conditions. It is widely used in medical health, disease prevention, food safety, biological pharmacy and environment monitoring.

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Haier Biomedical Classic Series Biosafety Cabinet (HR40-IIA2, HR30-IIA2, HR40-IIB2)

Haier Biomedical Classic Series Biosafety Cabinet (HR40-IIA2, HR30-IIA2, HR40-IIB2)

Product Features

304 Stainless Steel Operation Platform and Internal Wall

  • Stainless steel work surface without screws ensures no accumulation of contaminant
  • Removable air in-flow plate is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Internal wall is constructed of a single piece stainless steel, with 12mm arc angle corners which allows for more effective cleaning
  • The volume of liquid tank is over 4L, equipped with outlet valve for convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • Concaved work surface, waste liquid easily collected
  • Adjustable stand (0-75mm) without exposed screw thread, reduces risk of contamination

Ultra Low Penetration Air Filtration System

  • American AAF ULPA filter
  • Tested to a typical efficiency of 99.9995% for 0.12 micron particles
  • Provides FED STD 209E class 1 (or ISO14644.1 class 3) clean air to work surface in a stable vertical laminar flow to protect samples
  • The exhaust ULPA filter traps biohazard particles acquired from the work surface before air is exhausted to the room, offering personnel and environmental protection

High Efficiency Blower System

  • The blower system is designed for high performance operation, maximum energy efficiency and minimal maintenance
  • Self cooling system reduces energy consumption while enhancing reliability


Model Power Supply (V/Hz) Power of Blower (W) Downflow Velocity (m/s) Exhaust Filter Typical Efficiency Main Filter Typical Efficiency Airflow Circulation Size(Width) Blowers Sash Opening
HR40-IIA2 115/60;220/60;220/50 AC 540/625 0.28;0.3 HEPA ,H14,99.995%@0.3um ULPA,U15,99.9995%@0.12um 70% Downflow, 30% Exhaust 1360mm Single 1167mm
HR30-IIA2 220/60;220/50 AC 540/625 0.3 HEPA ,H14,99.995%@0.3um ULPA,U15,99.9995%@0.12um 70% Downflow, 30% Exhaust Size(Width)1100mm Single 900mm
HR40-IIB2 220/60;220/50 AC115 0.3 HEPA ,H14,99.995%@0.3um ULPA,U15,99.9995%@0.12um 100% Exhaust 1360mm Single 1167mm