Vertical Laboratory Steam Sterilizer (NC 40M/90M)

Especially developed for the steam sterilization of liquid and culture media, NC 40M and NC 90M offer a flexible temperature probe can be placed in a liquid container to ensure that the required sterilization time only starts when the fluids themselves are at the temperature stated in the protocol.

With its 4,3’’ colourful display, N -Smart™ control system includes pre-set program for ease of use. Operated programs can be transferred to memory stick through USB port for traceability. By means of Wi-Fi connection and N-Mobile™ application, NC 40M and NC 90M can be traced anywhere and notification can be received instantly. A large range of safety features and self-diagnostics provide full user protection.

Cooling by forced air ventilation over chamber reduces the cooling time. A fractionated exhaust system protects fragile products such as glassware from breaking.

Careful design provides a larger flask capacity than most steam sterilizers of similar volume for the most popular flasks.




  • Chamber volume:
    • NC 40M: 42 litres
    • NC 90M: 96 litres
  • Maximum capacity:
    • NC 40M: 2×5 litres
    • NC 90M: 3×8 litres
  • Especially developed for the steam sterilization of liquid and culture media
  • Sterilization temperature range: 105°C to 135°C
  • Five pre-set programs which guarantee safe sterilization of the treated material
  • Two free programs for liquid and solid and a special program for melting
  • Flexible temperature sensor to measure the exact liquid temperature
  • Cooling by forced air ventilation over chamber
  • Fractionated exhaust system for sensitive materials such as glass
  • Chamber made of 316L stainless steel
  • Manometer for chamber pressure
  • Validation port
  • Safety precautions for lid opening depending on the type of the sterilized material
  • Powerful and reliable N-Smart™ microprocessor control system
  • Operating parameters can be tracked graphically against time
  • Massive data storage with internal memory which stores the records of last 500 cycles in detail and 29.500 cycles as summary
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostic system
  • Memory for the last 100 failures
  • Programmable delayed start function
  • USB port to record the operated cycles in the memory to a memory stick
  • Wi-Fi connection for N-Mobile™ application for traceability and instant notifications
  • Ethernet port for remote access through internet by means of optional NuveCloser™ software
  • Optional panel type printer to keep the records of the sterilization cycle
  • Password protected control system, service and calibration menu
  • Lid safety system
  • Colour of the display changes to red in case of an alarm condition along with an audible alarm
  • Reminder for gasket and filter replacement
  • Remote failure diagnostic by means of NuveCloser™ software
  • Sending e-mails up to five e-mail addresses with the details of failure
  • Optional AlerText™ SMS alarm system for ultimate security
  • Safety valve against overpressure
  • Chamber manufactured according to 2104/68/EU

Technical Specifications

NC 40M NC 90M
Chamber Volume, litres 42 96
Control System N-Smart™ Control System
Display 4,3” Colourful LCD Display
Temperature Range 105°C – 135°C
No of Preset Programs 2 for liquids, 3 for solids
No of Free Programs 1 for liquids, 1 for solids
Melting Program Temperature Range 60°C – 100°C
Timer for Free Programs 1-300 minutes
Timer for Melting Program 1-60 minutes
Chamber Material 316L Stainless Steel
No. of Baskets 2 pcs. (Ø 295×242 mm) 3 pcs. (Ø 360×242 mm)
Power Rating 2500 W 7000 W
Power Supply 220 V 50/60 Hz. 400 V 50/60 Hz., 3 phases+N+G
Chamber Dimensions (Diameter x Depth) mm Ø 320×520 Ø 396×750
External Dimensions ( WxDxH ) mm 544x565x990 670x620x1055
Packing Dimensions ( WxDxH ) mm 570x660x1200 730x760x1200
Net/Packed Weight, kg 80/91 113/134