Bouin’s Fluid (BNF125, BNF500, BNF999)

Bouin’s Fixative, Bouin’s Fluid, Bouin’s Solution, Trichrome Staining, Zenker’s Fixative, Gastrointestinal Tract Biopsy, Trichrome Mordant, BNF380

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Bouin’s Fixative Fluid solution, Gastrointestinal Tract Biopsy

Bouin’s Fluid is a fixative useful for several routine procedures. It contains formaldehyde and picric acid for both cytoplasmic and chromatin fixation and facilitates excellent H&E staining. Is has also been recommended for any general fixation procedures and may be used as a substitute for Zenker’s Fluid. It is also used as a post-fixation step that is critical for the bright coloration demonstrated with Trichrome special stain procedures.