Magal High Speed Centrifuge 100-18000rpm (M18G)

The High Speed Centrifuge M18G,Speed Range 100-15000rpm, Max.RCF:20375×g/step increase10×g, with wide option of rotors and adapters for 0.2ml.0.5ml,1.5/2.2ml,5ml centrifuge tubes and capillary tube. PTFE cover stainless steel tank, It is widely used in medical laboratory, industrial laboratory, biochemical and molecular biology researching in the genetic,protein nucleic acid and PCR field.



Magal High Speed Centrifuge 100-18000rpm (M18G)Magal High Speed Centrifuge 100-18000rpm (M18G)

Main Machine Technical Data

Part.No. LM18G
Input voltage AC220V/50~60Hz
Input power[W] 500W
Max. Capacity[ml] 100(100ml×4)
Speed Range[r/min.] 200~18000rpm/step increase10rpm
Speed Accuracy ±20rpm
Max.RCF [×g] 20375×g/step increase10×g
Motor Maintenance-free brushless inverter motor
Timing Control 1-99hrs/1-59min/1-59sec;accuracy±1sec
Drive control system Infineon vector sine wave drive control system
Digital Display 5 inch IPS full view 16 million chroma true color LCD display/Resolution 800×480dpi
Operation method Physical button+ knob
Lid lock method Mechanical pressing lock,electronically controlled open
Max.acceleration time[sec]/Speed up gear 18s/9 gears
Max.Deceleration time[sec]/Speed down gear 20s/10gears,0 gears for stop free
Dimensions:D×W×H 280×360×250
Weight without rotor [Kg] 17
Noise level at max. speed(apprex) ≤60dB(A)
Allowable ambient temperature/relative humidity +5~40℃/80%
Protection class IP20
Interference suppression standard EN 61010-1,EN 61010-2-020,EN 61326-1,

EN 61010-3-2/A2

Rotor Technical Data

Part.No. Part Name capacity  ML×No. Max. Speed rpm/min. Max. RFC×g Tube specification
LM18G-1 18G A-1 1.5/2mlx24 16000 23470xg PP round/conical bottom with cap
LM18G-2 18G-A2 1.5/2mlx36 14000 17970xg PP round/conical bottom with cap
LM18G-3 18G-A3 0.5mlx24 15000 16350xg PP conical bottom with cap
LM18G-4 18G-A4 5ml×12 16000 18890xg PP round bottom with cap
LM18G-5 18G-A5 PCR strip 0.2mlx8wellsx4rows 14800 16200xg PP conical bottom with cap
LM18G-6 18G-A6 15mlx8 13000 17570xg PP conical bottom with cap
LM18G-7 18G-A7 50mlx6+2.2mlx6 12000 14750xg PP conical bottom with cap
LM18G-8 18G-A8 100mlx4 12000 15940xg PP round bottom with cap
LM18G-9 18G-A9 10mlx12 13000 15315xg  PP round bottom with cap
LM18G-10 18G-A10 11.5/2.2mlx12 18000 22530xg PP round/conical bottom with cap