Haier Biomedical Liquid Nitrogen Container-Medical Storage Series (YDS-65-216-F, YDS-95-216-F, YDS-115-216-F, YDS-140-216-F, YDS-175-216-F)

Medium Sized Storage Series (Square Racks) features low LN2 consumption and relatively small footprint for medium capacity sample storage.

•ULT Storage with Extremely Low LN2 Evapouration Loss

•Advanced Vacuum Technology and Superinsulation Technology

•Compatible for Blood Bag Storage



Product Features

  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Compatible with All Major Cryogenic Box Brands
  • Large Opening Diameter and Large Capacity
  • Ultra-Low Evaporation Loss
  • 65 Litre to 175 Litre Capacity


Model Volume of LN2(L) 2ml Volume Inside Neck Diameter (mm) Static Evapouration Rate* (%/d)
YDS-65-216-F 65L 2400 216mm 0.78
YDS-95-216-F 95L 3000 216mm 0.9
YDS-115-216-F 115L 3600 216mm 0.9
YDS-140-216-F 145L 4800 216mm 0.94
YDS-175-216-F 175L 6000 216mm 0.94