Haier Biomedical Ultra Low Energy ULT Freezer (DW-86L579BPT, DW-86L729BPT, DW-86L829BPT, DW-86L959BPT, DW-86L579BP, DW-86L729BP, DW-86L829BP, DW-86L959BP)

Applicable for products and samples which require strict storage conditions such as viruses, pathogens, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bones, bacteria, semen, biological products, electronics and special materials.

Suitable for long term storage applications and compliant with typical storage requirements found in hospitals, disease control and prevention centres, scientific research institutions biomedical engineering institutes, agriculture/ fishery companies as well as the electronics and chemical industry.




Product Features

Safe and secure
  • Standard equipped with key lock, padlock and with optional fingerprint lock and electromagnetic lock, providing multiple safeguards for sample safety.
Low noise design, reducing the noise down to 53dB
  • Special noise-reduction design plus super silent compressor technology and energy-saving fan, considerably lowers noise level
Super energy efficient with three environmentally friendly innovations
  • Ultra-low power consumption, down to less than 10kWh/day, ensuring a world leading energy saving performance
Optimized insulation
  • Double foaming for both inner and outer doors and five-layer sealing design and optimized super-thick VIP thermal insulation technology, extends temperature holdover time during power failure and increases insulation efficiency by 20%


Model Cabinet Type Capacity (L/Cu.Ft) Power Supply (V/Hz) Display Inner Doors Certificate
DW-86L579BPT Upright 579/20.4 100~230/50/60 LCD 4 CE,UL,Energy Star
DW-86L729BPT Upright 729/25.7 100~230/50/60 LCD 4 CE,UL,Energy Star
DW-86L829BPT Upright 829/29.2 208~230/50/60 LCD 4 CE,UL,Energy Star
DW-86L959BPT Upright 959/33.9 208~230/50/60 LCD 4 CE,UL,Energy Star
DW-86L579BP Upright 579/20.4 100~230/50/60 LED 4 CE,UL,Energy Star
DW-86L729BP Upright 729/25.7 100~230/50/60 LED 4 CE,UL,Energy Star
DW-86L829BP Upright 829/29.2 208~230/50/60 LED 4 CE,UL,Energy Star
DW-86L959BP Upright 959/33.9 208~230/50/60 LED 4 CE,UL,Energy Star