Magal Dry Bath (MDB-100H)

Dry bath incubators are a kind of tiny desktop instrument which combines precise temperature control with high quality design. Both the main engine and the modules have multiple options which meet the needs of various experiments with precise control temperature, good repeatability and fast and safe heating.

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  • DC24V, Ensure the safety of experimenters when touch aluminum blocks.
  • Excellent stability and uniformity of temperature to ensure the accuracy of experiment.
  • PID digital temperature control for more rapid, accurate and convenient temperature calibration.
  • OLED large screen display allows more parameters reproduced more intuitively.
  • Convenient operation with over-temperature cut-off of power supply and alarm for quickly forced cooling to preserve precious experimental reagents
  • Precision module processing to sure the best thermal conductivity .
  • A simpler two-point temperature correction method for +/-5℃zero correction and full scale correction.
  • A function of one-button AT self-turning of temperature parameters in different environments.

Main Machine Technical Data

Part.No. MDB-100H
Temp.Setting Range 0℃~100℃
Temp.control Range RT+5℃~100℃
Temp. Stability /37℃ ±0.3℃
Temp. Uniformity/37℃ ±0.3℃
Setting Accuracy 0.1℃
Display Accuracy 0.1℃
Temp.Control Accuracy ±0.3℃
Display mode OLED
Heating Time 25℃~37℃≤4min;25℃~100℃≤15min
Cooling down mode Fan cooling
Time Seting 1~999sec/1~999min/Hold
Dimension (mm) L114×W140×H107
Input voltage DC24V
Input power[W] 56W
Weight (Kg) 0.8Kg
Safety Overheating automatically disconnects power and alerts

Rotor Technical Data

Cat.No. Capacity Tube number Tube specification
MDB-100H-1 1.5ml micro centrifuge tube 15wells PP conical button with cap
MDB-100H-2 2.0ml micro centrifuge tube 15wells PP conical button with cap
MDB-100H-3 0.5ml micro centrifuge tube 24wells PP conical button with cap
MDB-100H-4 0.2ml micro centrifuge tube /PCR tube 40wells PP conical button with cap