Colloidal Iron Stain Kit

The Colloidal Iron Stain Kit is designed for the histological visualization of acid mucopolysaccharides. In some cases the Alcian Blue pH 2.5 stain kit (Item#: AFR) proves to be a much more reliable and sensitive option for staining Acid Mucopolysaccharides. We would recommend this kit if the colloidal iron staining is not satisfactory.

Acid Mucopolysaccharides: Bright Blue
Collagen: Shades of Red

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CIK-1 Kit Contents:
Acetic Acid Solution (12%), 500ml, Item #: AAK500
Water, Deionized/Distilled, 125ml, Item #: DDH125
Hydrochloric Acid Solution (1N), 125ml, Item #: HQA125
Potassium Ferrocyanide Solution (3%), 125ml, Item #: PFD125
Colloidal Iron Stock Solution, 125ml, Item #: CIS125
Van Gieson’s Solution, 125ml, Item #: VGS125

CIK-2 Kit Contents:
Acetic Acid Solution (12%), 60ml x2, Item #: AAK060
Water, Deionized/Distilled, 30ml, Item #: DDH030
Hydrochloric Acid Solution (1N), 30ml, Item #: HQA030
Potassium Ferrocyanide Solution (3%), 30ml, Item #: PFD030
Colloidal Iron Stock Solution, 30ml, Item #: CIS030
Van Gieson’s Solution, 30ml, Item #: VGS030