Haier Biomedical Automated Blood Management Refrigerator (HXC-149R, HXC-429R, HXC-629R, HXC-429R, HXC-629RB, HXC-629TR, HXC-1369TR)

Suitable for blood transfusion departments, operating rooms, and emergency rooms, etc. of the hospitals.



Product Features

Microcomputer Control

  • The temperature inside the unit is controlled within 4±1°C with temperature control accuracy of 0.1°C and the large high-definition LCD touch screen display makes it convenient to observe.

Three-layer Glass Foam Door

  • With large viewing three-layer glass foam door design, surface glass with LOW-E film to reduce heat transfer efficiency with no condensation at 25°C and 85% humidity environment.

Multiple Fault Alarms

  • High/low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, door ajar, sensor error alarm, and low battery alarm. It is configured with remote alarm interface with two alarm modes (sound buzzer alarm and light flashing alarm).

Speed Control Condenser Fan

  • High efficiency and energy saving, low noise and long service life.

Double Protection of Mechanical Door Lock and Electromagnetic Lock

  • Electromagnetic lock can realize NFC card punching unlocking and fingerprint unlocking function.

Standard USB Port

  • With optional disc temperature recorder.

Inverter Compressor

  • High efficiency and energy saving, low noise and long service life.


HXC-149R 149/5.3 220~240/50;230~/50;230~/60 LCD CE;UL Drawer 9 18
HXC-429TR 429/15.1 230~/50;230~/60 LCD Basket
HXC-629R 629/22.2 220~240/50;230~/50;230~/60 LCD CE;UL Drawer 44 88
HXC-429R 429/15.1 220~240/50;230~/50;230~/60 LCD CE;UL Drawer 30 60
HXC-629RB 629/22.2 115/60 LCD UL Drawer 44 88
HXC-629TR 629/22.2 230~/50;230~/60 LCD Basket
HXC-1369TR 429/15.1 230~/50;230~/60 LCD Basket