Amyloid Stain Kit (Congo Red)

The Amyloid Stain Kit (Congo Red) is intended for use in the histological visualization of amyloid in tissue sections. Examination under a polarizing microscope results in green birefringence of amyloid.

Amyloid: Red to Pink
Erythrocytes: Light Orange
Eosinophil Granules: Orange to Red
Nuclei: Blue

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AMY-1 Kit Contents:
Congo Red Solution, 500ml, Item #: CRA500
Hematoxylin, 500ml, Item #: HMM500
Bluing Reagent, 500ml, Item #: BRT500

AMY-2 Kit Contents:
Congo Red Solution, 30ml x2, Item #: CRA030
Hematoxylin, 30ml, Item #: HMM030
Bluing Reagent, 30ml, Item #: BRT030