Advance Pharmaceuticals Refrigerator (2-8 Degree Celsius)

The Haier pharmacy refrigerators are suitable for pharmacies, drug stores, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics and other pharmaceutical storage areas such as storage and logistics.
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Product Features

  • An intelligent, high definition liquid crystal touch screen
    control system, allows users to view temperature graphs,
    operation status, events and alarm records. LED version is available.
  • Standard USB, optional printer, capable of storing 10 years’
    temperature data, historical data can be checked and traced
  • NFC authority system works with a magnetic lock system to
    ensure product safety. In addition, access to unit and stored
    products is traceable. NON-NFC version is available if requested.
  • Finger print module is optional for additional safety
  • Precise Temperature Control and Reliable Operation
    • Advanced control system
    • Six sensors
    •  High efficiency air flow system
    • Precise temperature control +/- 2 Degree Celsius
    • Uniform temperature distribution
    • VFD driven compressor
    • High-efficiency fan motor
  • Multiple Features for Sample Security And Protection
    • Audible buzzer and visual flashing lights for alarm system as standard
    • Alarm system includes door ajar, temperature, sensor malfunction, battery, loss of power and clogged condenser
    • Remote alarm contact terminals as standard
    • Supplied with mechanical lock as standard, there is an optional magnetic lock for added product safety
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigeration
    • R600a Hydrocarbon refrigeration system does not have
      any negative impacts of the ozone layer, with zero global
      warming effect


Model Cabinet Type Capacity (L/Cu.Ft) Power Supply (V/Hz) Display Shelves Temperature
HYC-509T Upright, Single Glass Door 509/17.97 220~240/50, 220~240/60 LCD 6 2-8
HYC-509TF Upright, Single Solid Door 509/17.97 220~240/50, 220~240/60 LCD 6 2-8
HYC-1099T Upright, Double Glass Door 1099/38.5 220~240/50, 220~240/60 LCD 12 2-8
HYC-1099TF Upright, Double Solid Door 1099/38.5 220~240/50, 220~240/60 LCD 12 2-8

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