Haier Biomedical -60℃ Biomedical Freezer (DW-60W138, DW-60W258, DW-60W388)

A versatile low-temperature freezer installed in hospitals, blood stations, diseases control & prevention centers, research institutions, bioscience laboratories and medical laboratories. It is suitable for storing a wide variety of biological products including viruses, bacteria, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bone and semen as well as ocean-going supplies and electronic devices. It can also provide a low-temperature environment for testing of special materials.




Durable and Reliable – Key Features

  • Quickly freeze products to retain their structure
  • Multiple alarm system includes temperature alarm, and sensor error alarm.
  • Low noise output, noise cancelling technology yields a smoother operation and a sound level of less than 43dB(A).
  • HC refrigerant system is optimized to improve refrigeration efficiency by 30 %, and save energy by about 50%.
  • Creative dual seals design retains cold temperature more effectively, and eliminates condensation on gaskets.
  • Interior lock design ensures product safety. Lockable casters permit ease of installation and maneuvering.
  • Water proof digital control delivers precise temperature for storage. Display and control system are easy to use.
  • Interior material is certified food grade 304 stainless steel, ensuring safe contact between food and interior liner.



  • Single compressor auto cascade refrigeration system provides high efficient cooling power.
  • Insulation thickness is 100 mm for optimal protection of cold temperature and saving energy.

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