-30°C Biomedical Freezer (Forced Air Cooling)

Applicable for blood stations, hospitals, CDC’s, scientific research institutes, chemical industry, and other related industries. The -30°C Biomedical Freezer can cryo preserve plasma, biological products, components, materials, and other items that need to be kept at a low temperatures.

This freezer is designed with forced air circulation & auto defrost for storage of critical and temperature sensitive biological samples, laboratory products, and medical products in institutions such as blood banks, hospitals, and research laboratories.




Hydrocarbon energy saving: green and environmentally friendly

  • Using green and eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigeration system, based on the principle of zero damage to the ozone layer with zero greenhouse effect, while reducing energy consumption to 8kW/24H.

Intelligent defrosting: prolongs the defrosting cycle, safeguarding the stability of the storage temperature

  • Compared with traditional timed defrosting, the intelligent defrosting technology reduces the defrosting frequency by half, effectively draws down the temperature fluctuation caused by defrosting during the sample storage cycle by intelligently identifying the amount of frost on the evaporator.

Dual independent refrigeration systems: Superior safety

  • Auto defrosting system+constant refrigeration system, has successfully solved the industries problem that inside temperatures rise sharply when fan cooling refrigerators defrost; If one system fails, the other one would reach -25 °c quickly, which doubles the safety of the sample; With air cooling technol – ogy, the inside uniformity can reach ±3 ℃ (±5℃ during the defrosting period).

Advanced defrosting technology eradicates the hidden danger of electric leakage

  • Haier Biomedical applies full-automatic hot gas defrosting technology throughout the whole unit. Compared with heater wire defrosting technology, Haier Biomedical’s technology eliminates the risk of electric leakage occurring due to wire aging, providing extra security and safety.

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